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A fantastic night at the Spailpin Fanac Cork raises the sum of 2,116 Euros ! Well done everyone!
To see pictures and video clips from this event click here
In Zimbabwe, deteriorating economic conditions, a crumbling health system and high HIV prevalence are resulting in many thousands of people needing care and support. Home-based care programs, such as those provided by Oxfam Australia's partners Zimbabwe Women Against HIV/AIDS, Poverty and Violence Trust (ZWAAPV) and Batsiranai Home Based Care, are often the only source of support for people living with HIV and AIDS and those who care for them. These programs rely on hundreds of volunteer caregivers who work with minimal resources and are often poor, have large families or are living with HIV.ZWAAPV is a community based organisation in Murewa, about ninety miles from Harare. Its director is Beatrice Karimanzira and its brief is to respond to the needs of all members of the community who are struggling to survive.
Its particular concerns are the welfare of the disproportionate numbers of women and children who have been left destitute by either the death of their partners from AIDS, or migration to cities in search of work.
Photo: William Nyamuchengwa/OxfamAUS
ZWAAPV also works with women forced into prostitution by the death or desertion of their husbands. Because of the current inflationary situation  they are currently in desperate need of funds to continue their vital work, and to support their efforts to open a much-needed centre for abused women and vulnerable children.
To view the ZWAAPV official pamphlet as jpeg click here
ZWAAPV is an Oxfam Ireland and Australia partner for more pictures and info on the ZWAAPV follow the link above.   
FeileAfrica will supply direct aid to Beatrice Karimanzira the director of ZWAAPV.
Yesterday (9th October) we received a message of thanks and support from Kubatana. The NGO Network Alliance Project - an online community for Zimbabwean activists, Check out their website for more info
Many thanks to the following people & organisations for their donations to the ZWAAPV benefit concert:
SIPTU for sponsoring the venue and P.A. for the night.
World Music Network for donating copies of their new and very appropriately titled CD 'Think Global; Women of Africa.
Dave Hurley for donating a walking stick specially carved for the event
Toni & Guy for donating a new 'Hairdo' to the prize draw.
The Everyman Palace Theatre for donating a gift voucher for a future performance at the Everyman.
Super Value Bantry for donating a case of South African Wine.
Brown Thomas for donating a 50 Euro voucher
Plus all of you out there who printed off the poster and helped  to get the word out
Fundraising in aid of ZWAAPV (Zimbabwe Women Against HIV/AIDS Poverty and Violence) 
The fourth year art students of The Crawford College of Art in Cork have generously just donated a further 1000 Euros to the Z.W.A.A.P.V. in Zimbabwe. If you would like to make a donation or organise a fundraising event for the ZWAAPV please contact us
See below news and pictures sent from Beatrice in Zimbabwe, spending the money you helped send to her organisation, click here

For the latest news and pictures from Beatrice and the ZWAAPV click here

Work starts at the new drop in centre Murewa
The foundations are being dug and the building materials are delivered

Decaying nation- Scott Johnson, Newsweek
September 28, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, Zimbabwe was never really the breadbasket of Africa. But at least it could feed itself and have plenty left over. Those days are gone now-the southern African nation is, quite literally, starving. Food store shelves are bare. The wealthiest Zimbabweans now fly abroad to neighbouring countries to shop for basic supplies like bread, cooking oil, sugar and meat. The South African grocery chain Pick 'n Pay is taking direct bulk orders by phone and delivering the goods by air freight to the cities of Harare or Bulawayo. Electricity service is down to 12 hours a day, more or less the same levels found in Iraq. Clean water is so scarce that the poorest Zimbabweans have resorted to pumping water by hand from remote wells. "People are pumping at midnight, all hours of the day," says Eddy Cross, a businessman and member of the Zimbabwean opposition group Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Recently Cross ran into a young girl in Bulawayo. "All I do all day is hunting and scavenging," she told him.  read more Extract from archives on  (

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