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Director of The ZWAAPV , Beatrice Karimanzira, sent us this email along with these pictures showing the progress, so far, of the new cottage and classroom that was helped by donations from our previous fundraising gig and students from The Crawford College in Cork City:
We are about to announce a new fundraiser to help supply Beatrice with the funds needed for her to complete the construction.
its good to hear from you, surely its been a long time and now our lines are now functional and do hope this wont be a temporary thing. there has been some progress here thanks to the funds you sent, a five roomed cottage we constructed  now awaits roofing and a classroom block is under construction and we hope we will manage up to slab level of the block with cash you guys sent.

wish you well and abundant blessings - Beatrice and Team” (17th July 2008)

ZWAAPV Support group members cutting the grass and clearing the ground
The Cottage nears completion and awaits the roof

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