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Listening to the bitter-sweet lyrics of new Cuban singer YUSA and the simple sophistication of her music one knows one is  finally hearing 21st century Cuba. Her cutting-edge songs map the contemporary emotional lives of urban Havana. Fused inside her music are traces from further afield, from iconclastic jazz and rock to today's Brazil. Full of the vital energy of experimentation and the textures of musical exchange gained in intimate  venues, Yusa offers a whole new way of hearing Cuba.  (Jan Fairley)

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'BREATHE', the second album from Cuba's 21st century singer Yusa follows-on from the ground-breaking, eponymous 'Yusa', her debut album which brought her immediate acclaim from France to Denmark, Japan to the USA and won her a coveted nomination for the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards in two categories.

Fresh from Yusa's outstanding success on the Latin Voices tour with fellow South American singers Susana Baca and Lila Downs, 'Breathe' has been recorded at home in Cuba and also in the USA and with a Brazilian connection coming via 'De Colores', with Lenine. He is the irresistible Brazilian voice of the moment and a progressive singer-songwriter like Yusa herself. She accepted his invitation to participate in his live album Cite (BMG, Brazil) and like he accepted hers to feature in her record.

Yusa's first album marked her out as a new jewel in Cuba's musical crown. 'Breathe' sees this vital artist with her eclectic breadth of sound take yet another leap forward, revealing 21st century Cuban music to be a vital mix of exciting musical ideas, cheeky, witty and ambitious talent.

Special guests include Lenine and Haydee Milanes. 'Breathe' is produced by Descemer Bueno.

Yusa toured Ireland in 2003 where she played in Cork, Clonmel, Belfast and The Bray Jazz Festival.

Yusa 2009 Tour Flyer

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