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Dance along to turbo folk from Estonia

Describing their music as ‘turbo-folk’ TRAD.ATTACK! are the shooting stars of the Estonian folk scene. Since their debut in 2014 the band have received 10 Music Awards in Estonia and performed in 16 countries, including USA, Malaysia, Norway, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech republic, Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary and Baltic states.

                                                                                                                                                                        Photo by Daniel Voloz

Sandra, Jalmar and Tōnu - three good friends and in-demand Estonian musicians: Sandra plays the Estonian bagpipe, Jew’s harp & saxophone, Jalmar plays 12 string acoustic guitar and Tōnu is the drummer and percussionist....and as they are all Estonian they also sing. Their song, “Kooreke” became a hit and was broadcast the World over, from Latin America to Malaysia, including the BBC

TRAD.ATTACK! take inspiration from old archive recordings and from the music of today. Folk-Music is their starting point but not their boundary: they remain open; in ears, mind and soul to different styles and new directions whilst maintaining their emotional roots-heart.


'Their full debut AH! Is an expansive and rewarding listen.This is an exciting and refreshing take on Estonian Folklore, from a talented group of musicians.' Alex de Lacy, Songlines 53, November 2015

'To say that Trad.Attack!’s mix of original compositions and trad. arr. tunes has turned Estonian folk music on its head is to seriously understate the case. Superb musicianship and an overt respect for an understanding of the tradition combine with an off – the-scale inventiveness and sparingly used cut-and paste archive recordings, to create an album of startling originality'  Dave Haslam , R2 Magazine, UK, November-December 2015

“Real dance-along, stamp-along Neofolk. Mixed-in Cream and sauna chants by Liisa Kümmel sound in their place just like butter on bread or sunset in a romantic drama. Carolina Rand ja Kris Moor – Estonian Guitar Magazine, 2014

“TRAD.ATTACK! are a shining example of the future of folk” Aengus Finnan - Exec Director Folk Alliance International

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