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With a history of touring culturally significant 'World Music Acts' around Europe and Ireland since the early 90s, FeileAfrica is the first place to visit for anyone seeking interesting, unusual and exotic music, musicians, acts & artists, either international touring or Ireland-based. Our experience within this sector also means we are in a position to mentor & develop ex-pat and immigrant artists now based in Ireland. We see It is our mission to preserve artistic expression and the traditional forms of music from around the world before they disappear completely, no matter how far away from 'home' they are.

Artists supplied by us from Africa, The Caribbean, Latin America, Asia & Eastern Europe have performed at festivals and events throughout the world as well as private functions, parties, weddings & corporate events for over 20 years. Our knowledge and experience of touring 'World Music Artists' also make us popular as a resource for institutions and events looking for outside programming and assistance. For decades we have supplied acts, logistics, programming and co-ordination to awareness & fundraising events for hundreds of charitable institutions, from the largest multi national aid agencies & NGOs to small one-off projects like the ZWAAPV in Zimbabwe. And working with artists who have a recent & direct connection with their homelands means that some of their performance fee will frequently filter-down to their familes back home.

Closely connected to the target audience through our 'club style' membership, via social media & newsletters, we can also help festivals & venues to market our acts more effectively and extend their audience outreach.

Our decades of close personal relationships with individual artists, producers, composers & arrangers worldwide make us a popular choice for special one-off projects for TV, Radio, PR & Advertising productions,  educational workshops and product launches.

Our 'grass roots' development programme, nurturing, mentoring & maintaining culturally diverse acts and artists and their artistic output is entirely dependent upon Sponsorship, Funding and Donations, either direct or indirect, Local, National, International, Corporate & Private. If you would like to make a donation to us or sponsor a tour or event (anywhere in the World) with any act at any time, please contact us for more information. As a not- for-profit arts organisation any profit we make is put back into the company to maintain the infrastructure so badly needed to support these artists from the ground-up. To see how you can help us by advertising on our website or sponsoring a FeileAfrica tour or event please click here

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Allen-Talyor's Afrobeat Orchestra 'Everybody Testifies' Drogheda 2013

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Balkan Alien Sound

26th Sept - Clifden Arts Festival

1st Oct - Cork Folk Festival