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SIlaba is Sadoo & Lamine Kouyate. Sadoo, originally from France and Lamine Kouyaté, originally from Senegal, have been musicians for a long time now and have been making music separately for years. Sadoo has already released two albums ( Reality and Samawoy) .Lamine Kouyaté is a Griot and a famous Kora player for the Sorano Ballet (Natinoal ballet )in Senegal.

Sadoo and Lamine met in Senegal while Sadoo was working in a recording Studio in 2002. It appeared that Sadoo and Lamine had similar views and thoughts about life and music, a common philosophy and a common goal. They would both like to share their art with people but most of all they would like to help the African continent however they can. So Sadoo & Lamine decided to work together on a project called “Silaba”. Silaba means the long African road.

As it is really difficult to find funding in Africa, Sadoo decided to come back to France to raise some funds in order to record an album with Lamine in Senegal. This solution worked well as in December 2003, after a lot of work and effort, Sadoo won a prize from the French ministry for Sport and Youth and went back to Senegal to record the album “Silaba”.

Silaba is a new and natural type of music, a return to the roots of so called African musics (reggae,afro folk, zouk, hip hop) with a modern sound where two different, but complimentary, voices meet. In addition to Sadoo and Lamine’s wondrous vocals you will hear on this album the sound of the Kora, drums, balafon, xaram, guitar, & bass.

After the recording of Silaba, the two artists were invited to play live for Dakar FM (National radio in Senegal). They were also invited to play at the Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoghaire (August 2005).

After their show in Cork's Cruiscin Lan last summer Lamine played Kora in-the-mix along with some of our local musicians and produced one of the best versions of Fela's 'Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense' that I ever heard, unfortunately no-one recorded it...........maybe next time!

Silaba will be available from late March 2006 onwards and accompanied by a percussionist

Hear samples from Silaba's new album

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