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Jit & Chimurenga music from the NEW FOUR BROTHERS from Zimbabwe

James Nyamandi joined the Four Brothers as vocalist around 1997 when their original band-leader, drummer & vocalist Marshal Munhumumwe started to feel increasingly unwell following a road accident and stroke. Unable to travel with the band in the late 90s due to lack of passport and travel papers the job of lead vocals and drummer on tours was taken by Albert Ruwizhi, Marshall's long time understudy. At that time James Nyamandi was leading his own band ‘The Makombe Brothers’ for whom he was lead vocalist, composer and drummer. The Makombe Brothers released a number of albums (8 to date). The eldest son of original Four Brothers band-leader, Marshall Munhumumwe Jnr (pictured on the right below in brown jacket) now manages the band.

Following the death of Frank Sibanda, lead guitarist and the last surviving band member in 2010, James Nyamandi, now 47, took it upon himself to recruit new band members and revive the music of the Four Brothers writing new music in the style of the original band. James spotted the new members: Behands Mateta (Lead Guitar), Bernard Mateta (Bass Guitar), Bruce Banda (Rhythm Guitar) and Takudzwa Matola (Drummer) playing in a local band in a place called Trilone Farm, in Banket, around 95km North West of Harare. He saw their potential as good musicians suitable to perform this style of music and signed them up to reform The Four Brothers.

Listen to 'Rave Ronda' a tribute to the late Marshall Munhumumwe recorded by the New Four Brothers in Zimbabwe, by clicking on the Youtube link on the adjacent sidebar to the right.

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The New Four Brothers is one of the acts we hope to film in Zimbabwe as part of our Zimbabwe Film Project

    James Nyamandi

Listen to 'Rave Ronda' recorded in Zimbabwe

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