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Muntu Valdo
The Prince of Sawa Blues
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Some people have had their career path all worked out from a young age. Muntu Valdo recalls picking up a friend's battered old two-stringed guitar under a mango tree near his home in Cameroon when he was eight and realising that he had found his path in life. It's a long way from that tree to YouTube, where you can see the extraordinary spectacle he presents on stage today using loops, samples and effects pedals to supplement his guitar and harmonica as a veritable one-man band.
Muntu belongs to the Sawa community which stretches along Cameroon's Atlantic coastline and grew up both in the cosmopolitan city of Douala and in his parent's rural village. Both those experiences find expression in his bluesy, mesmerising music which mixes Africa's most ancient traditions with striking modernity and technical mastery, throwing in for good measure all kinds of other influences rooted in the African diaspora.
His debut album, Gods & Devils - Moiyé Na Muititi was greeted with rave reviews in France and is awaiting UK release. Rather than hybridism, Muntu prefers the concept of reconciliation: bossa nova, afro-cuban, blues, soul and funk, all have their origins rooted in the Diaspora. It’s no longer a question of world music, but a fusion of everything the African continent has helped create over the centuries.
‘Muntu Valdo, ‘ the one-man band’, a magical experience, guaranteed to leave you speechless!’
To hear a sample of Muntu Valdo’s work, visit and

Muntu Valdo will introduce Ireland to his soulful and expressive acoustic music for the first time in autumn 2008. A superb guitarist, singer, percussionist and harmonica player, Muntu captivated audiences this summer at various WOMADs, the internationally renowned world music festivals, in Spain, Singapore and England. He took centre stage on Saturday evening at the WOMAD festival in Charleton Park, celebrating the 25th anniversary of WOMAD in the UK.

Following a tour of his Cameroonian homeland in October, Muntu will tour Ireland for a week from 30th October – 6th November 2008.

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