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Dr Dudas, Kerekes new track featuring Zsombor on the electric bagpipes
Kerekes Band photographed above for Playboy Magazine December 07 in Hungary


After Kerekes concert at the stunning new Solstice Arts Centre in Meath in August they visited the ancient sites of  Newgrange and Knowth nearby to discover the megalithic structures and practise their new levitation technique as seen in the picture below.

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Kerekes Celebrate their 10th Anniversary

On Saturday 21st January Kerekes celebrated their 10th anniversary with a sell-out concert at The Eger Art Centre.

Flautist, Zsombor (pictured left) can be seen shaking hands and receiving a cheque from The Mayor of Eger to help towards the recording and production costs of Kerekes' new album. The audience were also treated to screenings of their various TV recordings around Europe including their appearance on The View (RTE1)

Kerekes start to record their new album 'Magyar Funk' on the 1st of February, the CD should be on the shelves by April 2006.


KEREKES new album Pimasz gets a great review in Songlines Magazine and is track 1 on this months covermount sampler CD, see:

The picture above shows Kerekes performing at a Tanchaz on Monday
August 21st in Eger.
A Tanchaz is a Magyar Dance-House with traditional dancing.
Not wanting to be left out of the action, here's Viktor
& Zsombor's mum being presented with the award of
'Master of Folk Art' by the Culture Minister for continuing
to make traditional Hungarian clothes for over 20 years.
Mrs Feher has won many awards over the years but
this is the top award

And if you fancy a chuckle courtesy of Kerekes Band check out the prologue section of their website written by Viktor the drummer. It is, of course, complete nonsense but Magyar fun all the same!

Tour the local Palinka factory

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