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The Fake McCoys

Shannon Delta Blues & old-time Country Music

A.U.McCoy. Resonator Guitar, Vocals and Foot Stomp. Raised in the hill country of the Thames delta (aka Nottinghill) young A.U. first heard the blues from 78s of musicians like Lead Belly, Big Bill Broonzy, Hank Williams mixed with the sound of gospel choirs wafting down his street. Following many years of hobo'ing through the squats of Brixton, Leeds and Aberdeen and busking through Europe, Scandinavia and Ireland he eventually took root in the Shannon Delta in County Clare

Allie McCoy, Washboard, Fiddle and Vocals, was raised in the Pennines of West Yorkshire and has been playing away at her fiddle on and off since the age of 9. Before settling in Ireland 25 years ago, she had travelled around the UK and Europe busking, settling for a while in Edinburgh where she played in pubs and folk clubs playing anything from blues to Scottish traditional to Klezmer to progressive rock. When Allie moved to Ireland, she met A.U.McCoy, they began playing together and the rest is Fake McCoy history.

B.M McCoy, Double Bass, was carefully crafted from Humber Estuary mud and a little discarded chewing gum by Evelyn the weather goddess in the same week that the world was given rubber souls. He was initially inspired to be a bassman by Ludwig, a beet farmer. Sir James and Mr Matlock then gave the young B.M much good advice, nearly all of which he has now forgotten. His favourite food is vegan black pudding and his ambition is to walk more than twenty yards easily.

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