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Pictured left to right: Antoine Piuka, Mose Fanfan, Jean-Marie Makutukala, Leon Musafiri, Lions Balu,
Papy Kayanzaya, Simon Makaya, Sephane Malonga, Victor Dinganga.

Every year Mose Fanfan returns to Kinshasa to play Congolese Rumba and Samba/Rumba with his old colleagues from the early pioneering days of Kinois Rumba (Rumba from Kinshasa). Fanfan now wants to present to the world, for the first time, authentic, untouched music from the heart of the Congo's capital featuring musicians that still live and play there. The picture above shows the line-up of musicians in Kinshasa that Mose Fanfan has chosen to work with and wants to tour in his new 'Congobina' project.

Hear Congobina audio clip

Fanfan and the Congobina project live in Kinshasa


Makutukala Jean Marie

Sax player and a monument to the Congolese musicians left from 40s. Jean-Marie participated in most of the important and seminal groups from Johnny Bokelo to Franco Luambo, Joseph Kabasele to Tabu Ley. Jean-Marie is one of the oldest Congolese musicians still alive today and with Mose Fanfan created the new Congobina Band, root of the Congo “SAMBA RUMBA"

Piuka Antoine Sabu

Bass guitar player who performed in the 60s with Diamant Blue, Conga Succe, Ange Noir and Les Bantous, one of the few remaining bass players who still play the traditional style originally created by Boucher and was later adopted by musicians playing Soukous .

Dinganga Victor Coco Sud  

One of the young Congolese sax players from the 60s who played in the most famous groups Thu-Zaina, Somo Somo, Kosakosa, Conga Succe, Negro Succe and has regularly played with fellow saxophonists, Moreau Maurice, Empopo and Jean Marie.

Kalanzaya Joseph Pappy

Singer from the 60s with Cobantou & Dewayon the founder of the group Watam with Franco Luambo in the 50s and played later with many groups including Fiesta Sukisa with Dr Nico, Conga Succe & Somo Somo.

Balu Leze Jean Lyons

Percussionist and one of the first Congolese kit drummers from the 50s playing with Joseph Kabasele and the first 'Africa Jazz'. Balu also played in the 60s on the famously celebratory post colonial song “Independace Cha Cha” and since participated in many groups steeped in the  history of Congolese music.

Makaya Jean Samara

Conga player and folkloric singer, Makaya also played in the 60s with a style known as 'Atalako'  which has since become a very popular style in Congolese music. Makaya played with many renowned Congolese musicians and groups such as Lipua Lipua, Somosomo & Johnny Bokelo.

 Musafiri Leon Otepa

Guitarist with Kofi Olomide & Quartier Latin and one of the young musicians that still play with the style of the 60s, played with many Congolese groups including OK Jazz, Negro Succe & Somo Somo.

Malonga Stephane Yenga


Vocalist. Played with Afriza, Tabu Ley, Viva la Musica & Papa Wemba etc. Malonga is the youngest of the group and first sang in the 70s and was part of the creation of the first Som Somo with Mose Fanfan and Youlou Mabiala.


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