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Her name is Ines 'Bwabwa Lika Wabap The Amazon' Khai. Ines Khai’s language is Creole despite living in exile, her skin vibrates to the Caribbean chords and her heart beats to the rhythm of the ka drums from Guadeloupe.

 Although born in Paris, it was Caribbean music sung in Creole that resonated in the family home of the young Ines. The years passed in music until she crossed the path of director Mohamed Rouabhi in the late 90s. This meeting allows her to take her Creole all over France and further afield (Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Senegal, Brazil ...) and with plays in the theatre, Malcolm X, Requiem Opus 61 and Vive La France, where Ines sang and played comedy. Meanwhile, she discovered the Negro Spiritual in the choir Gospel Dream and with the contemporary gospel that we know better today as R&B. Her repertoire while absorbing influences of 'Nu Soul' was still sung in Creole.

In Paris she met DJ Phonie and Exxos who introduced her to their 'Kako Mizik' a sub-genre of hip hop made in Guadeloupe, where ka drums are sampled to mingle with American classics. It is from these influences that  the first album was born in 2008 'Bwabwa' and performed on many stages including The French Caribbean for two years where she was nicknamed 'The Queen of Creole Soul' . She left an indelible mark on the Afro-Caribbean musical landscape and was invited to make guest appearances on albums by Dominik Coco and Damogueez.

When time came to write a second disc, a long process of reflection began and transformation occured. Nu Soul influences were less important and 'Ka' became the sole basis of rhythm in Ines Khai’s new music. The singer felt the call of the drum at the depths of her being, it seemed that the masters of gwoka music, the soul of Guadeloupe, contacted her and gave her a mission to allow the music to be discovered by a larger audience.

 A key influence of the traditional 'Léwoz' song appeared in her singing and choirs will just be cleaned. The traditional artists Konket Guy, Franck Nicolas, Jacques Schwarz-Bart and Fanswa Ladrezeau were listened to religiously and had a great influence on the material for the new album's composition. Just like the songs that will always remain in Creole, this is now the music that Ines Khai regards as more deeply rooted in the culture of her country.

 "Menne Mwen Ale" is a piece that was given as a gift on her website at the end of the year 2011, it is undoubtedly the title that mostly reflects the musical transformation affected. The first building block of a work based on the reappropriation of Guadeloupe musical heritage. The new album Ines Khai, released in April  2012, is entitled 'Amazòn La' (The Amazon). Inspired by the Amazons of Dahomey, She is a true warrior and with an army of seven musicians she is going to defend the notes, rhythms, harmonies and colours on this disc. And she hopes to take her crusade to the furthest places.


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