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Acoustic Spanish Guitar & Rumba

Available in a variety of formats, from a 2 piece to a quintet, Ikarumba perform with 'old-school' Spanish and Latin American guitar techniques accompanied by complex and driving perucussion rhythms. Based in West Cork, they are available year round, frequently at short notice, to deliver a performance of rousing incendiary acoustic guitar duets guaranteed to thrill any audience tempting many to venture on to the dance floor.


Rooted in The Rumba Ikarumba's music crosses many cultural boundaries frequently fusing such diverse elements as Indian, Catalan, Mexican, Spanish, African and Celtic as well as Jazz. The Rumba, a universally understood language of music, has the ability to embrace and interpret many different cultural styles.

Their eclectic repertoire of purely instrumental tunes from around the world has made them a popular choice at many festivals, special events and wedding receptions for over a decade. "Ikarumba were excellent and well received thank you". Director, Boyle Arts Festival Co Rosscommon July 2018

The Musicians

Ikarumba's mantra is World Peace, respect for all living things, care for the planet, love and racial harmony, and of course to make excellent music playing Rumba.

All based in or around Bantry in West Cork the core line-up of 2 guitars is: Simon Crockett and Connor Madden

Simon Crockett plays the 'Requinto guitar' and an old-school Peruvian classic guitar that was given to him by his father. Schooled in music on piano & vocals from the age of 6 Simon's first guitar was Peruvian it's sweet sound meant it was played daily. Simon spent 20 years working as a stone mason picking up the trade alongside Catalan stone masons, one of whom taught him many old Spanish, Catalan and Cuban tunes. They played countless Sunday nights together in the back of a pub, every night was a 'riot'. Simon met Connor Madden in 2013 and immediately recognised his potential.

Connor Madden: After being taught a few Pink Floyd chords by his father Connor was hooked and music became his passion. Originally a heavy metal devotee and hoarder of instruments his collection includes: didgeridoo, piano, mandolin, banjo, harmonica and flute, all of which he can play to some degree. His devotion switched to Flamenco and Rumba once he had met, and teamed-up with, Simon back in 2013.

Wally (Christian Walden) was brought up in a musical family his mother played piano and sang soprano. As children he and his sister were given the choice to learn any instrument or instruments that took their fancy. Wally chose the drums and in 1988 his dying grandfather bought him a set for Christmas just before he died. Playing an essential part at the centre of the rhythm section Wally pushes the band into party mode with his rhythms and his movement. Wally plays the full drum kit when the band are in 'quintet' mode and Simon's son Ben takes over the percussion.

Ben Crockett grew up with the sound of his father's guitar never far away. It was only natural that he should become part of the act. At the age of 18 Ben is already a very competent percussionist performing on a very special Cajon, the soft skinned Bolivian bomba drum and the darbuka.

Dan Thornhill or Jerry Warren play bass guitar for the quintet each contributing their own rhythmic poetry to Ikarumba's music.

Jerry Warren began playing music as soon as he could reach the piano keys, and was playing bassoon in the North Wales Orchestra before he was twelve. Following a teenage obsession with ragtime piano which led to his first paid gigs, his love for bass drove him to learn the electric bass guitar. After many years travelling with horses around England, Wales and Ireland he has settled in West Cork where he has played in a wide variety of bands. Ikarumba being instrumental and 'all about the groove' has become a personal favourite with its fantastic rumba rhythms which everyone loves to dance to!

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