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FaBaRu - Trio du Monde

FaBaRu formed in January 2016 when three versatile musician friends decided to spread the love by playing their globetrotting tunes in Cronin’s in Crosshaven.

FaBaRu play European waltzes, gypsy jazz classics, Irish reels, tangos, klezmer and original tunes. FaBaRu’s tunes are soothing and sophisticated, but also played with a lot of good humour and lively improvisation. Ruti Lachs, Fabienne St-Pierre, and Barry O’Donovan have different musical backgrounds, and they unite their individual styles and influences well to give a lovely café feel, with plenty of dancing moments.

Fabienne (Quebec) and Barry (Cork) played silver flute and semi-acoustic guitar as a duo for years. Barry is well-known in the trad scene in Cork as he has been playing in sessions there for 35 years, as well as playing with Lazik and Silta. Ruti, based in County Kerry, played with The Fireflies (klezmer band) and Rumpus (folk) for many years, and has instigated various community musical projects in Kerry. She plays piano accordion and trombone. Since they formed, FaBaRu have played in many venues around Cork and Kerry, including On The Pigs Back in Douglas, at private parties, receptions and events.

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